Sic Bo Online Game

If you are looking for a casino game that is played with dice but not Craps, you need to discover Sic Bo Online! This game of chance, which is particularly easy to learn, is very popular in Asia and especially in Macau casinos where it is the most played table game ahead of roulette and blackjack. The Chinese sometimes call it Tai Sai or Yee Hah Hi, it is much harder to find it in casinos in France although it seems to be making an appearance in some places. Players who can’t yet afford to travel to the other side of the world will still be able to try the Sic Bo experience by going to the casino in Forges-les-Eaux, for the others, we offer you here to play Sic Bo online for free, it’s without downloading or registering! The objective is very simple, to bet on the result of the launch of 3 dice and to be right!

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Play Sic Bo online

Playing free Sic Bo is the perfect way to train properly for this game if, for example, you plan to travel to Macau soon to play a few real money games. In addition, you will find Sic Bo games in some online casinos, but the easiest way to discover this game and all its strategies is to play the free version.

The online Sic Bo allows you to get your hands on this Asian table game, the rules are very simple and identical to the version found in Macau. Just try to guess the result of the 3 dice that will be thrown. The most important thing to keep in mind are the betting possibilities, knowing which ones are the most profitable and which ones are to be avoided.

Note that on the Online Sic Bo, you will have the chance to test the different variants of the game (Macau or Atlantic City). The Atlantic City variant offers better payouts for specific bets, so it is a good option if you have a choice, something you don’t get in a real casino. In addition, some times the numbers will be replaced by symbols or animals from the Chinese calendar, this will make the game look more enjoyable.

How to Play Sic Bo Online

Whether online or in a casino, Sic Bo is played in almost the same way. The only difference is the way the dice are rolled. In a land-based casino, the dice are drawn before the players place their bets, they are hidden under a metal bell. In online Sic Bo, the dice are rolled automatically after the player has placed all his bets.

First select the value of your chips and then place them on the boxes in the game that represent various bets. The minimum and maximum bets allowed for each bet may vary. Then click “Roll” to roll the dice. The dice spin and display 3 numbers, then the winnings are distributed if you have won a bet. You can bet the same thing again or make a new bet.

Sic Bo bets

Big Bet / Pass: To win this bet, the sum of the 3 dice must be between 11 and 17 inclusive. The odds are 48.6% and the payout is 1x the bet except in the case of high triples.

Small Bet/Miss Bet: To win this bet, the sum of the 3 dice must be between 4 and 10 inclusive. The odds are 48.6% and the payout is 1x the bet except for low triplets.

Single Bet: Betting on a single number, if it appears once you win once your bet, if it appears twice you win twice your bet and 3 times your bet if it appears 3 times. The probability of a number appearing once is 34.72%, twice is 6.94% and three times is 0.46%.
Example: The player bets €1 on number 2 and the dice show 1 – 2 – 5, so the player wins 1 times his bet, so €1, and he gets €2.

Double Bet: Bet on a number that comes up twice, the odds are 7.41% and the payout is 10 times the bet.
Example: Player bets £1 on 3 and the dice show 3 – 3 – 5, the player wins 10 times his bet, so £10 and wins £11.

Triple Bet: Bet a number that has to come up 3 times. The odds for this to happen are 0.46%, the reward is 180x the bet.

Duo Bet Not to be confused with Double Bet, the player bets on a duo that must come out among the 3 dice. The odds are 13.9% and the payout is 5 times his bet. Here are the available pairs: 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 1-5, 1-6, 2-3, 2-4, 2-5, 2-6, 3-4, 3-5, 3-6, 4-5, 4-6 or 5-6.

Sum Bet: Bet on the total of the 3 dice. Winnings are different because some sums may occur more times than others. The odds are not the same. Payouts vary from 6 times the bet for the number 9, 10, 11 and 12 to 60 times the bet for the 4 and 17 which have only 1.4% chance of occurring.
Example: The player bets 1€ on the sum of the 3 dice equal to 5, the draw is 2 – 1 – 2, the player wins 30 times his bet or 30€.

Bet Any Double: To win this bet, 2 out of 3 dice must be the same. The payout is 8 times the bet and the odds are 7%.

Any Triple Bet: To win this bet, all 3 dice must be the same. The payout is 30 times the bet and the odds are 2.7%.

Sic Bo strategies

Sic Bo being a game of pure chance, it is impossible to predict the outcome of the 3 dice and the game does not necessarily require training. However, as always, it is important to maximize your chances of winning by avoiding bets that are less advantageous for the player.

Therefore, we will first recommend you to choose the best version of Sic Bo online, prefer the version that offers the best payouts, especially if you want to try your luck on Sum bets because the version of Sic Bo played in Macau pays a maximum of 50 times your bet for this type of bet against 60 times in Atlantic City.

Learn how to manage your bets and stay reasonable, this advice is not really a strategy for Sic Bo but it concerns all casino games. Knowing your limit and making bets that are consistent with your bankroll will reduce your chances of leaving empty-handed.

Evaluate the house advantage for each bet and choose Big, Small or at the very least Simple bets, because even if the odds are much less dreamy than those of the triplet, these bets are much more advantageous for the player in terms of probability. You should therefore avoid triple bets which, although tempting in terms of reward, are not as advantageous as the other bets, you will have very little chance of this happening.

The last tip we can give you to apply during your free or real money Sic Bo game is to have a good time and remember that you are there to have fun!